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Demos in the Dark runs down the Litigator

Harsh Tones + Shuksan Fuzz

Demos in the Dark + Shuksan Fuzz

Collector//Emitter + Shuksan Fuzz

Pedalscopic Sounds + Shuksan Fuzz


"I bought the Blister & Peel pedal and am thrilled with it. I've had pedals from competitors and never settled on one I actually preferred. I like the warmth and clarity offered by this pedal. I find that I can add subtle textures that evoke the mood I'm hoping to replicate. I also like that it's handmade in the Pacific Northwest! Strongly recommended."

Mike Phillips, Portland, Oregon

"I don’t think I’ve ever met a fuzz that strikes such a sublime balance between meticulous fine tuning and wild, raw sonic abandon. It’s like a werewolf with impeccable table manners."

Jamie Wolfert, Harsh Tones Inc.

The Spun Loud Litigator is an overdrive in name, but it has a way of feeling very much like a more integral, organic part of your signal chain. It's natural, open, airy, and flat-out bristling with sass and attitude at many mid-to high-gain settings. It's awesome for brightening up humbuckers and dark amplifiers. But you should not feel shy about running it wide open with a Telecaster bridge pickup and a Fender amp with the treble up high. It's an ecstatic experience, to say the least. 

Charles Saufley, Premier Guitar Gear Editor


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