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The Structures FVZZ is an epic collaboration that brings Structures Brewing's flagship FVZZ IPA to life in pedal form. Smooth and articulate, yet deliciously gainey with a bite, we like to think this pedal is the perfect pairing.

The design is a simple yet refined two-stage fuzz circuit with germanium clipping, our favorite tone control and gobs of volume on tap. Because even fuzz circuits should have decent range, we designed this one so you can roll it back to a mild overdrive with the independent gain controls, while a heft of output volume will still push those tubes into breakup.

Once you start turning the gain stages up, you'll find they each offer two very different flavors; one side heads right to fuzz, while the other takes a milder approach but with more volume as the gain increases. Crank them up together to get a searing but articulate fuzz that will edge into octave on those big power chords.

Check out a demo from Harsh Tones here.

The FVZZ has four controls:

Stage I: This operates the first gain stage, which uses germanium hard clipping and gets fuzzy right away.

Stage II: This operates the second gain stage, a very different architecture that combines an LED with a Darlington transistor to give a milder drive but with lots of volume as the gain increases.

Tone: This is my favorite tone control. Turn it down (counter-clockwise) to cut the high frequencies, turn it up (clockwise) to boost them. It's as simple as that.

Volume: This controls the overall output volume of the pedal. You'll find unity somewhere around noon or just above, depending on how much gain you're using from Stage II.

Handmade in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, the Structures FVZZ uses only high-quality components, including:

  • High-quality Wima, TDK and Wurth capacitors
  • Lumberg or Neutrik jacks
  • Pro-quality Gorva Design 3PDT switches
  • Gorva Design ROTO machined aluminum knobs
  • Internal filtering for super-low-noise operation
  • Extra-tough UV printed art for long lasting finish
  • All-analog original circuit design
  • Runs on standard center-negative 9V power supply only and we recommend an isolated power supply for best performance