Spun Loud Effects pedals are not created in a vacuum. They are influenced by a wide variety of sights and sounds in the world of music and beyond. We want to use this page to thank those who have helped us and those who we rely on every day to make these great boxes happen. We'll be adding to it as we go, so check back periodically!

Caulfield Cables — Spun Loud Effects uses only Caulfield Cables. Sarah and Asher make extremely high-quality, ultra low-capacitance cables that keep your tone intact, even in long cable runs. They offer their cables in a variety of gorgeous colors and lengths and custom orders are available. Check them out at!

Pine Box Customs — Up until late 2021, most Spun Loud pedal enclosures have were powder coated, printed and drilled by Pine Box Customs in Memphis, TN. Pine Box makes their own pedals that have some of the most beautiful art we've ever seen — and they sound great, too! Check out their site and sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss the next release.
Harsh Tones, Inc. — Created by Portland, Oregon-based Jamie Wolfert, the Harsh Tones YouTube channel showcases a world of amazing pedals in stunning and high quality demo videos. Jamie runs down every aspect of a pedal and offers his feedback on what it's good for, and maybe even what it's not. Jamie created a fantastic demo for the Blister & Peel V.2, which you can find on our homepage and of course on his channel, and it really highlights all the variety of tones you can get from it. Go check him out, give him a follow and enjoy!
Demos in the Dark — Based in Minnesota, Ryan has worked in the pedal industry for years and for the last few has produced gorgeous demo videos of pedals, guitars and amps. His approach is usually to set up his camera for his first run-through on pedals so he captures his honest first impressions and sounds. Then he goes back and sets up a full band mix with them. The resulting high-quality and thoughtfully produced videos give a genuine look at pedals and other gear. Ryan produced a demo of the Blister & Peel V.2, a pedal he admitted he knew almost nothing about before receiving it, as well as the Litigator and the Shuksan Fuzz. You can check them out on our homepage, but head over to his YouTube channel or Instagram and subscribe/follow. You won't be disappointed!