About Us

Spun Loud Effects was born in 2018, when founder, designer and builder Dan DeMay set out to find his new guitar tone. Freshly back to playing with a band, he was ready to get serious about his sound, so he called up longtime friend and guitar tech Dakotah Cole. Dakotah had plenty of good pedal recommendations, but then added: "You could always build your own, too." With a base knowledge of electronics and solid soldering skills, this seed of an idea led Dan down the rabbit hole, first building a couple simple circuits and then modifying those, trying others and aiming to get something that hit all the things he was after. 

He landed on two variations of existing designs that went well together and was trying them out at rehearsal when another member of the band asked if he would build a pedal with both those circuits in it. Dan decided he could probably do it, so set about also designing art and trying to make it "pretty." That pedal became the very first Blister & Peel, complete with bottom jacks because of the way the first board fit inside. As soon as he brought it to a rehearsal, it became clear he had done something right. Other members of the band wanted one, too, and pretty soon still more people wanted them. Dan obliged, building a handful with spray painted and decal-faced enclosures, then shifting to powder-coated and printed enclosures. And thus, Spun Loud Effects was born.

Dan is proud of his efforts, but couldn't have done it without ample support from other players, builders, designers and so on. He continues to share ideas and seek feedback from Dakotah, who drove the creation of the Leon's Railer Phaser and is always ready to say yay or nay to new sights and sounds. Dan is also grateful for support and regular assistance from other builders like Jordan at Pine Box Customs, Nick at Dirty Haggard Audio, and John of Rare Buzz Effects. Dan's partner, Lisa Baumann, a sharp-eyed photographer and designer herself, also regularly contributes ideas and feedback on art and layout for enclosures. And of course, he is grateful for all the players who take the first crack at his designs and help make Spun Loud a fantastic brand.